Message to Zedenek - AD 1208

Wherein Hrothgar warns Zedenek of an impending Mongol invasion.


To Lord Zedenek Tervezget, Knez of Tihuta,

The prophecy of the raven seems true. Tongues from the east whisper of a warlord uniting the clans and scattering even the Tatars before him. He is moving west and gutted Kyiv will no longer stop him. Dorohoi is prepared but is likely but a rock in the river. The hordes might be at Tihuta Gate in but a few years. Only the vastness of the plains protects the Rus now. Please keep Abahmoct looking east and your signal pyres dry.

- Domus of Dorohoi, agent of Yarl Hrothgar the Godsmote -


Message to Zedenek - AD 1208

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