Nosferatu, Grandchild of Marusca, Hermanstadt


As Seneschal of Hermannstadt, this neonate is responsible for greeting visitors to the city in place of his elusive Princess, Marusca.

A horridly ugly, wizened old monster with gentle grey eyes that glare out of dark, sunken pits. His fangs are side-by-side, and protrude noticeably from his mouth and his ears are long and pointed. He wears the garb of a well-to-do merchant, and appears to be unarmed.


Like nearly all of the Nosferatu of the city and Domain of Hermannstadt, Adelard serves Marusca. Unlike many of her descendants, he appears to cleave to the via humanitatis rather than the via bestiae and it is perhaps this ability to interact more naturally with the kine of the city that has brought him into the position of seneschal.

Adelard’s duties appear to encompass not only the management of Cainite affairs but also the growth and stability of the town’s mortal populace. He proudly serves, and often chooses to show his true monstrous visage to Cainite visitors to Hermannstadt in order to make certain that they understand that it is the Nosferatu, and only the Nosferatu, that rule the city.

Lineage: Childe of Nicu, Childe of Marusca, Childe of Zelios


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