Transylvania Chronicles

Troubled Times in Kronstadt

Death of the Flammenmanchen

Session 27-12-2014

The Coterie travelled with a small force of some fifty men and ghouls to Myrcia, Sire of Zedenek, to discuss the perceived difficulties in Kronstadt. The Coterie believed that Prince Veçeslav had been deposed or even eliminated, and that several of Andronicus’ informants had been compromised.

Myrcia divulged that, although he was more than willing to support the Coterie in their endeavours in Kronstadt, he had problems of his own, namely a slow and steady insertion of the hated Tremere, who had been poaching women and children from his town Saschiz and the surrounding villages. He showed the Coterie a Usurper prisoner, safely embedded in the rocky mud of his abode, and essentially asked the Coterie to aid him in rooting out this foreign contamination. Only then would he be willing to aid in the conflict against the Saxon Ventrue.

The Coterie decided that Myrcia’s was indeed a worthy cause but that priorities lay in restoring order in Kronstadt, and travelled on. Shortly after arrival in the southernmost of the Siebenbürgen, the Coterie was granted an audience with the Prince. It became clear that he was hiding something. After some essentially fruitless back and forth banter, Andronicus decided he could better spend his time elsewhere and had an audience with his informants.

No sooner had he left the Prince’s quarters or Zedenek and Hróðgar were witness to the immolation of the imposter ‘Veçeslav’, who turned out to be a Tremere insurgent. Before his Final Death this blood mage revealed that the real Veçeslav had been burned at the stake by Lady Lucretia von Hartz, the Ventrue leader of the Teutonic enterprise in southern Romania, about a month earlier. This at least partly corroborated the fears the Coterie had had in losing Veçeslav as an ally.

Also, as the Coterie suspected, four of Andronicus’ informants had been taken over by Von Hartz. The Byzantine philosopher-priest managed to halt the corruption somewhat and sway three of them back to his camp.

It was believed Von Hartz remained at the northern tower building site. However, she was not alone: it was mentioned she was accompanied by some six other Vampyr, probably all of the Teutonic cloth and fiercely loyal to their cause.

The Coterie had hereby become privy to a conspiracy of a nigh unfathomable magnitude and gravity, with the Usurpers having made a secret alliance with the hated Patricians, probably to subdue the Siebenbürgen and much, if not all, of Transylvania. The Coterie was less than pleased. Shit, as has been so eloquently put by learned men throughout history, needed to stop.

It was decided that the main movers and shakers of Transylvania (Myrcia, Radu and Mitru, among others) needed to be made aware of this situation. Hróðgar would fly out and inform them forthwith, and hopefully arrive within a fortnight with good news and their political, or even military, support. Zedenek and Andronicus, meanwhile, would stabilise Kronstadt and bring its inhabitants back in line with the Transylvanian cause.

To this end the city gates were closed and no-one allowed to enter or leave. All witnesses to the Immolation of the Tremere ‘Veçeslav’ (the remaining royal guard, the two responsive blood whores) were to be rounded up and interrogated.

Loose Change
The imposter ‘Veçeslav’ mentioned that five other Cainites resided within Kronstadt. Zedenek and Andronicus decided to find out who they are and where their loyalties lie.

During their short stay in Kronstadt the Coterie spotted a white owl flying over the main tower of Veçeslav’s palace. It was later heard hurriedly flying away outside one of the shuttered windows of the Prince’s quarters, where it had possibly been eavesdropping. Later, when the Tremere ‘Veçeslav’ had tried to escape through the open window, an unknown man of barbarian appearance had materialised on the windowsill and essentially blocked the Usurper’s only route of escape. Before he could be caught or spoken to, the man dropped back off the ledge and flew away as the white owl. It was later spotted flying northwards, over the city, disappearing in the cloudy night sky. None of the Coterie claimed any knowledge of this, possibly allied, shapechanger.



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