Transylvania Chronicles

A new Prince for Kronstadt

Building on destruction - session 31 juni 2014

The Spring of 1213

After the Coterie and their small army arrives at Kronstadt, Veçeslav Basarab is positioned as nightly ruler over the city. Together with three of Andronicus’ most trusted advisors, the Tzimische warleader is instructed to keep the Wooden Throne occupied and inform the three undead of any developments.

As the Coterie gathers information about the Christian building project some five miles west of Kronstadt, they learn that a brother of the cross by the name of Herman Koch visits Kronstadt and its surrounding villages frequently for various supply arrangements with the working class citizens.

Many of the agreements brother Koch has made with the carpenters, stonemasons and hunters of Kronstadt and its surroundings are very lucrative for these craftsmen. The demand for the tower project greatly exceeds the usual supply, not only providing a great increase in profit for the people of Kronstadt, but also drawing skilled labourers from other parts of the land to the city.

Through taxing and limiting the supplies to the tower project the Coterie wishes to slow the building process, what should eventually lead to its failure. After some haphazard arson by the Coterie the resourceful Christians soon create new supply lines through the smaller villages around Kronstadt. However, after several months it is clear that a considerable delay to their project has occurred.

To counter the loss of income for the working class of Kronstadt, the Coterie starts a building project of their own. A fortress-tower is to be erected a few miles north of Kronstadt. Many of the goods that went to the Christian building site are now supplied to this new project.

After some two months of setting up the mechanism that should hinder the erecting of the western tower and draw the Christian builders to the negotiation table, the Coterie leaves the city to Veçeslav, agreeing that he will inform them of any relevant developments. Andronicus, Zedenek and Hrothgar each go their separate ways.



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