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Eternal war dominates the land. Transylvania and Eastern Europe have served as battlegrounds for an unending procession of conflicts from the earliest beginnings. In the 12th century, the displacement of native tribes by invaders from the steppes gives way to battles between pagans and Christians.

Opposing factions vie for ascendancy within Christianity itself as Constantinople clashes with Rome time and time again. The Turkish threat looms ever nearer. Indeed, the invasions and ethnic conflict plant seeds that bloom into the brutal wars rocking Eastern Europe in the modern world.

For Cainites, the battles include the war between the Tremere and the Tzimisce, the incursion of Ventrue opportunists from their base in Germany, and the internal bickering and faction fighting among Tzimisce voivodes.

The war between light and darkness becomes a nightly struggle for the region’s Cainites, as those who serve the sleeping demon Kupala battle those who seek to cleanse the land.

The line between peasant and noble is crystal clear throughout Europe, but nowhere is the difference between the haves and the have-nots starker than in Transylvania. Here, the life of a serf is truly worth next to nothing. Just as most Cainites consider mortals little better than animals, so do the mortal rulers of Transylvania look upon the peasants who labor under their harsh predations as free labor at best, disposable vermin at worst. This is a land without mercy, without compassion and without forgiveness.

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