Master Mason


Zelios is an elder Nosferatu Vampire, known and respected throughout Hungary and Transylvania for his masonry skills.

You have met Zelios for the first time at the building site in Tihuta Pass, in the early Spring of 1198. He was sent there on behalf of Count Radu to assist you in the construction of the tower. You quickly assigned to him the responsibility of planning and overseeing the construction process. After two weeks, he was joined by his apprentice Markus of Bonn. After month of overseeing the bouldingproces, Zelios left, quit unexpectedly, just before Myca Vykos arived with his caravan.

Zelios showed himself to be a remarkably intelligent builder and planner, fully devoted to finishing the first floor of the building before the winter. On a social level, Zelios proved to be an atypical figure in these dark times, uninterested in politics and uninvolved in the ongoing power struggles.

When deep in thought, his visage is a stony mask of contemplation, seeming completely unaware of his surroundings. But when inspired, usually when he speaks of the plans he has with the tower, his features animate and he turns into an enthusiastic, devoted professional whose facial expression and tone of voice seems at odds with his stone-like appearance.



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