Vladimir Rustovitch

Transylvanian Clan Leader (Tzimisce)


Vladimir Rustovitch has assumed both the mantle of Cainite and his sire’s estate through diligence, might, and a modicum of treachery. He has conquered jealous siblings and rival voivodes in Trials by War, and his ever expanding fiefdom defies the depredations of the Tremere.

Positioned between intrigue-ridden western Hungary and war-wracked Transylvania, and with sufficient power to defy the Cainites of both regions, Rustovitch exists according to the old traditions, in a fashion that many of his beleaguered Clanmates can only dream about. Although Rustovitch rules not over any specific city (for polical reasons), by most he is considered the ruler of Clan Tzimisce within Transylvania.

Influence: Rustovitch maintains a fiefdom in central Hungary, right on the Transylvanian border. Count Radu courts his favor and placates him with tribute. All Transylvanian voivodes offer at least passing courtesy.


Vladimir Rustovitch

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