Vencel Rikard

Prince of Buda-Pest (Ventrue)


The product of a Christian knightly education, Vencel Rikard came to the city when King Geza invited a contingent of Bavarian knights to become his personal bodyguard. Embraced by Bulscu as a reward for his excellent service, Vencel is most concerned with retaining his position, maximizing the profits he reaps from his mercantile interests, and keeping the peace in a city that is potentially a battleground for warring clans. He believes that the best way to do so is to make Buda-Pest the largest, most important city in Hungary (thereby attracting the king back and making it the capital of the kingdom).

Vencel uses his natural charisma and princely prerogatives to attract new Cainites to the city – Cainites whose first loyalty will be to him.

Influence: Vencel’s influence extends to all levels of society in Buda-Pest. Although he concentrates on trade, he also promotes the growth of crafters and supports the Church.

Haven: Vencel has a haven at Buda Castle.


Vencel Rikard

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