Rudolf Brandl

Prince of Prague (Ventrue)


The third son of a noble German family, Rudolf was given a knightly education, but also prepared to go into the Church should suitable lands not become available (through his marriage to a landed heiress) for him to tule. With his good looks and obsequious personality, Rudolf managed to insinuate himself among a group of knights and nobles who outranked him, but allowed him to accompany them.

After his embrace, his sire Hredel groomed Rudolffor a high position within the Holy Roman Empire. When the Germans were invited into Bohemia, however, Rudolfs sire encouraged the young Cainite to go – and to become prince! It surprised both of them when he did so, becoming Prince of Prague soon after his arrival.

Influence: Brandl’s influence is felt in the marketplace, where German merchants (particularly those who offer him expensive gifts) receive the most lucrative trade agreements.


Rudolf Brandl

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