Nova Arpad

Prince of Mediasch (Ventrue)


Nova Arpad is a member of the nobel Ventrue Arpad family from Hungaria. Her haven is located at a castle just outside Mediasch.

Nova Arpad was originally recruited by the Arpad Ventrue of Hungary to exploit the rapid social and political changes in Transylvania in the 12th century.

In mortal history, the Hungarians encouraged settlers from other nations to develop settlements in the lands beyond the forest. One of their staunchest allies was the Szeklers, a Turkic tribe living in northeastern Transylvania. The Szeklers were eventually propped up by the Hungarians to act as the nobility – or more accurately, the overlords – of the Transylvanian serfs and peasants.

Typical Cainite arrogance demands a different version of that story. By their thinking, the Szeklers were enlisted because the Hungarian Ventrue, along with their Ventrue Eastern Lord allies, wanted to control the domains of Transylvania. Nova Arpad, from her estate in Mediasch, was to help oversee this domination, and in true Cainite style, takes credit where the system succeeds.


Nova Arpad

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