Myca Vykos

Tzimisce ambassador


Myca Vykos is an educated and wealthy political Vampyr originally from the lands of Transylvania and an acquaintance of Andronicus, who he had met in Byzantium. He called himself ambassador of the land and is loyal to the Eastern Christian Church and count Radu of Bistria.

You met him on the second day of your Journey to Tihuta Pass and discussed many matters, among which was the ‘sign of the three eyes’, the Order of Hermes and religion.

His caravan was traveling to Bistria and he offered you a wagon and horses to compensate some of your losses caused by the ambush the night before. Myca promised to visit your building project in the pass soon.

In the early summer of 1199, Myca indeed returned to the building site while on his way to Constantinople.
He offered workers, food and gold to aid the project, but made it clear the offer was not te be rejected. In return for his offer, Myca received Andronicus promise that he would aid Myca in any way he can, should the Tzimisce ever call upon him.


Myca Vykos

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