Mitru the Hunter

Prince of Klausenburg (Gangrel), Childe of Arnulf


Throughout his early life, Mitru and his family struggled, and the taxes imposed by a servant of Nova Arpad eventually drove them into poverty. As Vlach serfs, two thirds of the goods they produced were sent to the estate of the Szekler overlord. By day, his family was bled dry. The local peasants spread monstrous stories detailing the fates of the Arpads’ servants.

At night, the commoners of Transylvania barred their doors and windows. Horrific sounds of battle by moonlight disturbed their sleep and fed their nightmares. Undaunted, Mitru began to explore the dark forests surrounding Napoca.

When infamous cainite Arnulf heard of his legendary status, Mitru received an unholy reward: his baptism into darkness and rulership of The City of Klausenburg.

You first encountered Mitru in the spring of 1198 at the Tihuta Pass. Having staked and captured his childe Petru, you expected Mitru to come to rescue his progeny. And so he did. Mitru, who had apparently been scouting the building site just before you woke from slumber, stood on the road below the tower. While you approached, he somehow got into the basement of the tower where he encountered Zelios, who terrified Mitru, causing him to flee before he could retrieve Petru’s body.

After a pursuit and persuasion to talk to you, he emerged from the ground, explaining that he came to claim his childe. After you handed over Petru’s staked and battered corpse, Mitru headed out to Bistria to investigate if your claim on Rudne (where Petru first ruled) was legitimate.

Mitru also told you that he was the childe of Arnulf, the renowned and dreaded Gangrel Elder.

Haven: The wilderness is his haven.

Influence: No one questions Mitru’s authority. In fact, he has been increasingly eager to harry, hunt and harass Cainites passing through his realm. Outside these lands, he has a staunch alliance with Marusca of Hermannstadt and Radu of Bistrița, two of the other Transylvanian princes.


Mitru the Hunter

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