Lucita of Aragon

Wandering Lasombra, Lady of Aragon - Companion of Anatole


The mortal daughter of Alfonso I of Aragón, Childe of Bishop Ambrosio Monçada and emissary on behalf of King Pedro II of Aragón, Lucita is a vampire of high status but simple living. She travels with Anatole, wherever his visions guide them.

The Coterie met Lucita at the site of the ruined tower in Tihuta Pass where she hid in the shadows before showing herself. She seemed interested in local affairs and the clay tablets Andronicus and Anatole found. She made a copy of the tablets using the translation key.

She spent one day in the basement of the old tower and departed the next night with Anatole, leaving for Bistriţa to visit Count Radu.


Lucita of Aragon

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