Transylvania Chronicles

A Simple Offer

After Andronicus was freed from the unnatural clutches of the plant, the three Vampyr travelled to the tower site together with Myca’s caravan.

The next evening, Andronicus prepared a service to the Lord. Myca would join him, and together they successfully convinced the crowd of the Might and Right of the Lord. Zedenek and Hrothgar, however, were not so impressed, and afterwards criticized Andronicus’ offering of blood, which they saw as further diminishing the already scarce supplies.

Later that night, Myca announced he had business to discuss concerning the new labour force and supplies. It was clear the coterie had little choice in the matter, as Myca stated he had already received full fiat from Prince Radu. Myca stated that he would speak with one of the Vampyr who would act as a representative for the rest.

The three Overseers agreed among themselves that any negotiation would take place with all three of them present. When they parlayed this to Myca, he seemed annoyed by this statement. He once more walked away from the conversation, stating that he would have them sort out their hierarchy, and that he would speak to one of them when they were done.

Already irritated by the lack of respect the Tzimisce guest had shown the coterie while technically their guest, the tension between the two parties grew stronger, eventually leading to accusations, demands, threats and even a physical augmentation by the Tzimisce, where he threatened Hrothgar that the their disagreement would perhaps not be settled just by words. Even Myca’s personal escort, Nazir, was extremely surprised by the unadulterated anger that radiated form his master.

After several moments of posturing, Myca returned to his wagon, and the coterie discussed among themselves the few options thay had. It was now clear to them that Myca had perhaps arrived to offer a trade, but in the end, not accepting his offer was not truly an option.

Andronicus was instructed about what he would and would not say in a one-on-one conversation with Myca. Meanwhile, subtle preparations were made in case push came to shove.

Finally, Andronicus entered the wagon of the Tzimisce alone and a deal was made: The Coterie would receive ten skilled workers, sufficient food supplies and a chest of gold and silver to help their project in exchange for a personal boon. Whenever Myca would call upon Andronicus, the Toreador would have to do everything in his power the aid the Tzimisce…



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