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Welcome to the Obsidian portal blog for the Transylvania Chronicles!

The purpose of this website is that we, as players in and Storyteller of the Transylvania Chronicles, have a living database of all information relevant to us as a group.

During the course of the chronicle, you as players will meet many kine and kindred and visit countless places. On this website you will find information concerning all things relevant that are (or at least should be) known to your characters. I will enter and update Storytelling information, like the background story and position of influence on major NPCs, but you are free to edit those pages with your player information. That way, it will be updated as we move along the storyline.

You will also find a section specifically for Player Characters. I will ask you to provide the information that the rest of the group knows, or might know, about your character on those pages. You can also add a picture or even a complete Dark Ages Character Sheet (only visible to the player and ST). In the Maps section, I’ll be adding maps of the Transylvania area, city maps and floor plans. Last but not least, there is an ‘adventure blog’ page where I’ll be storing session recaps.

Consider all the information on this portal as ‘publicly known’ to the group. However, it is possible that you might find information here that your character is unlikely to know. For instance, if your character has been dwelling in the Transylvania area as a Kindred for many years, he will know every NPC mentioned under ‘Kindred of Transylvania’. On the other hand, if your character has never been in the area, he might have heard of some of the major NPCs, but probably not to the level of detail written here. Don’t worry, you will not find any information here that will spoil the story when read, even if your character has no way of knowing these things.

This portal exists for my convenience as the Storyteller, but for yours as PCs as well. It could very well prove essential to your attempts to uncover patterns and story arcs so complicated that without proper information storage (and retrieval!) are impossible to recognize.

But most of all, it should be a new and fun experiment in our long roleplaying careers. I hope you’re willing to give it a try.



Transylvania Chronicles

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